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American Spirit Technology Group offers creative websites and technologies through The LiveEdit Platform.

We work in harmony with our partners by building websites and programs that align with their products, services and core values.




Serious Marketing.
Simply Executed.

Utilize one of our professionally designed responsive website templates for a website built to impress or work with our design team to create a site design that's uniquely yours!  Couple your website with our partner integrations, email marketing and professional add-on services to turn your website into a marketing machine!

LiveEdit Website Examples

Why Choose The LiveEdit Platform?

Responsive Website Templates

Responsive Website Templates

With The LiveEdit Platform, you can easily create a website that looks great on any device by tapping into one of our professionally designed website templates or partnering with us for a one-of-a-kind custom website design.

Easy Content Control

Easy Content Control

The LiveEdit Platform website builder features drag-and-drop editing features that enable you to simply manage text, images and video, all in a search-engine-friendly package.



Powerful SEO & Marketing Tools

Search engine optimization is a breeze on The LiveEdit Platform.  We give you easy access to the SEO relevant areas needed to make sure your website is one that search engines love!


About Us

American Spirit Technology Group is dedicated to helping small and mid-size businesses grow and thrive through one of their most important marketing tools – their website. The LiveEdit Platform is cloud-based, enabling users to access their content from any internet-connected device, at any time, from anywhere in the world.




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