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New Year, New Website!

With the new year fast approaching, many of us are thinking about making changes in some aspect of our life. So why not do the same with your website? Read More

Update to our MINDBODY Classes element!

Hey MINDBODY users! We’ve made a small but extremely useful update to our MINDBODY Classes element! Read More

Using Email Marketing to Boost Business and Increase Site Traffic

Everyone knows that email is a great way to communicate with others. But when your inbox is overwhelmed with new emails, how do you get your message read and clicked on to drive traffic to your website? Read More

Creating an Effective CTA

What does it take to get your call to action button noticed (and more importantly clicked) on your website? Read More

LiveEdit on the Go: Google Reveals New Mobile Pop-Up Criteria For 2017

Learn about the new mobile algorithm update that Google will begin implementing on January 10th, 2017 regarding the proper use of interstitials (pop-ups). Read More


Site Redesigns and SEO Equity

When you’re working on a new shiny website, it’s easy to focus on what you can see. It can be simple to forget about all of those process that really make your website work when you’re focused on how your website looks. Site migrations are a perfect example. Read More


Editing just got easier!

At LiveEdit, we never want you to feel that editing your website is a chore. We’re always looking for ways to simplify and improve… and recently we unveiled a big one! Read More


Building Your Business with Social Media

These days, social media is a crucial component of your business’s success. It’s a proven and cost-effective way to spread the word! Read More

Need help getting your website to rank within search engines?

Do you need help getting your website to rank within the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)? You’re in luck because LiveEdit is now offering SEO services to current LiveEdit users! Read More


Get help editing your LiveEdit website!

LiveEdit has been offering Design Assistance Appointments for a while now… but have you given one a try? Read More