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When you’re working on a new shiny website, it’s easy to focus on what you can see.  It can be simple to forget about all of those process that really make your website work when you’re focused on how your website looks.

Site migrations are a perfect example.

SEO-friendly site migrations are a pretty routine procedure for the SEO team at LiveEdit.  Many new clients are already established business owners and the stakes are high when it comes to their online presence.  From the time a business opens, claims a few directory listings, creates some social media accounts and launches their website, the foundation for its search engine equity is laid.  Disrupting this perfect harmony can prove costly (in more ways than one) without the necessary planning to make sure that potential customers can find them online.

When a business owner with an existing website moves to the LiveEdit platform, it’s our priority to ensure a smooth transition for the client and their loyal customers.  That’s why LiveEdit recommends a complete SEO site migration BEFORE launching the redesign of any website with established equity.

→ So what’s an SEO site migration anyway?SEO site migration

Any website consists of two elements:  urls that are indexed by search engines and the actual on-page content that makes up the site.  An SEO site migration is the process of finding all of those indexed urls and redirecting them to their new or like position on the new redesigned website.  In order to preserve organic ranking and ensure the best possible user experience, an SEO site migration must be completed BEFORE the site launches.  Nobody likes a 404 - nobody!!

→ So what if I decide not to move forward with a site migration? 

If you’re launching a redesigned website, not doing a site migration is risky business.  Any urls that have changed or have been removed from your sitemap will be de-indexed in search engines.  Any backlinks (links to your site from other websites) will be broken. Users who have bookmarked pages will be taken to a 404 page.  It can be detrimental to your keyword ranking.

Story short - not doing a site migration will create a bad user experience and negative effects on your business's web presence.

LiveEdit is proud to offer site migration services to ensure that your redesigned website is launched without a hitch. We also offer a variety of other SEO services to enhance your website’s performance.

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