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What is an SSL and does your website need one?

If you’ve been working on your website lately, you may have seen a “Not Secure” notice in your URL window. Rest assured that notice doesn’t mean that your website has been hacked, or will be hacked, or is not safe for people to visit.   Read More

Local SEO Tips to Help Your Website

Local SEO is a form of Search Engine Optimization that focuses on your local service area to bring in more customers from the search engines. Local SEO takes a "website first" approach by making sure all of your content is optimized with local area keywords, proper pages titles & descriptions, proper use of header tags, image tagging and more. Read More


Tap into Big Marketing Data for Serious Business!

Before a campaign is designed or the message is written, there is a story that needs to be uncovered. It’s based on numbers, patterns and behaviors.  Knowing how to apply the story, can mean the difference between the long-term success or the failure of a marketing campaign. Read More


Boost Your Web Presence in 2017 with these New Year's SEO Promotions!

We want to help your website rank higher in 2017 so we are happy to announce discounted rates on a majority of our SEO Services where you can save up to $600! Kick your new LiveEdit website into high-gear with an SEO JumpStart or update your current website with an SEO ReFresh or 6-Month Premium SEO package! Read More