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What is an SSL and does your website need one?


If you’ve been working on your website lately, you may have seen a “Not Secure” notice in your URL window.  Rest assured that notice doesn’t mean that your website has been hacked, or will be hacked, or is not safe for people to visit.  

This notice is meant to alert you that the website your visiting doesn’t contain an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).  An SSL is a secure server, meaning that the information you enter into that website (like credit card information for example) is safe from being hacked or discovered by an invasive 3rd party.

Recently, Google has introduced a new update for their Chrome browser which will make this type of alert more common by displaying it on all web pages that contain the HTTP preface.  HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is the primary technology protocol on the Web that allows linking and browsing, while HTTPS (Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is a secure encryption used to make data safe when transmitted over the internet.  HTTPS is generally used on shopping sites to protect financial information, as well on as web pages that require sensitive information such as passwords.  

With their new update, Google is spearheading the movement toward placing the HTTPS preface on all webpages containing potentially sensitive information, such as forms, passwords, and any information that can be deemed personal.  You can read more about Google’s effort from their security blog.

So what does this mean for you and your LiveEdit site?  For all intents and purposes, your LiveEdit website is safe and secure.  All LiveEdit websites are built on a secure domain (your .liveeditaurora URL), and all purchases completed through your website (such as MINDBODY purchases) are automatically redirected through this secure LiveEdit domain.  So there is no risk for potential clients purchasing classes or services, and transmitting sensitive information through your website.

That’s not to say that getting an SSL for your website is a bad idea. In a perfect world, all websites would have an SSL so browsing can be done securely at all times. And at LiveEdit, we are looking to the future and exploring the options for making SSL services available to all of our clients.  But for the time being, you can have confidence knowing that we constantly monitor all of our websites and that your information is protected to highest degree 24 hours a day.


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