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How CB CycleBarn Indoor Cycling Studio Used a Bike Reservation System to Cure 'It's MY Bike Syndrome'

CB CycleBarn® is a San Clemente, California indoor cycling studio owned by Karen Casler. A former stay-at-home mother of 3, Karen made a BOLD move back in 2012 and turned her passion for teaching indoor cycling into ownership of her very own studio. Her mission was to offer a variety of indoor cycling classes that foster personal growth, a sense of community, and offer riders an opportunity to transform body, mind, and spirit. And with a fierce devotion to customer service and to creating the ultimate indoor cycling experience, CB CycleBarn® is a rocking success. This week, we asked Karen a few questions about her journey and about how CB CycleBarn®'s LiveEdit website and the Stations app have helped her manage her indoor cycling studio. Read More