LiveEdit Platform

About LiveEdit

LiveEdit creates solutions designed to align with your business's products, services and core values.

Through a unique combination of online marketing tools and drag-and-drop content management simplicity, The LiveEdit platform website building tool helps small and mid-sized businesses, associations, and nonprofits connect and engage with customers, clients, members, and new prospects.

Launched in 2003, LiveEdit has long championed the needs of small and mid-sized organizations, providing an easy and affordable way to nurture successful, lasting customer relationships.

LiveEdit is headquartered in Plymouth, MN.

Company History

The company was incorporated in 2003 as Smart Site Inc. and later changed its name to LiveEdit. The founding goal was and remains simple: to provide an affordable, unified digital marketing platform that eliminates technical barriers and makes it easy for you to access, manage, update and publish your online marketing content.

With the LiveEdit platform, small and mid-sized organizations, associations, and nonprofits can connect and engage with customers, clients, members, and new prospects using an array of browser-based online tools. The LiveEdit cloud-based platform enables users to access their content from any Internet-connected device, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Users can manage full websites, instant-on mobile sites, blogs, a compact email marketing program, an e-commerce store and catalog offering, and software-to-site integration achieved through the development of custom application programming interface (API) solutions with our growing base of business partners.

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The LiveEdit Advantage

The LiveEdit Platform website builder's drag-and-drop simplicity puts the marketing power in your hands.

•  No need to engage technology specialists. You manage your text, images, video, and more, all from a common dashboard.

•  Publish in real-time to your website, your mobile site, your blog, Facebook, and your email marketing program from any Internet-connected computer, anywhere in the world.

•  Don’t like code? Don’t worry. The LiveEdit platform's user-friendly interface means you never have to look at a single line of gobbledygook – unless you want to.



Our team of specialists help you get going - and keep growing.

•  From designers to integrators to search-engine-educated support staff, your LiveEdit team is vested in your success.

•  Our support specialists are ready to answer your questions and help you run your digital marketing tools at peak efficiency.

•  You choose how you want to be helped: support ticket, appointment or live chat right from our built in help link from your website. Or visit:

Google, Bing and Yahoo! love our search-engine-friendly code.

•  The LiveEdit Platform website builder gives you auto-generated sitemaps and robots.txt files. Didn’t know you needed ‘em? That’s OK. We do the work so you don’t have to!

•  Our easy-access meta fields make it a cinch to write great titles, convincing descriptions, and meaningful alternative text for your images and videos. And they’re all backed up by your site’s most relevant page-by-page keywords.

•  Our customizable content means you can construct URLs that include the keywords people use when searching for your products and services. That makes for good search engine optimization!

Our custom application programming interface (API) solutions solve real-world business and organizational challenges.

•  We’re always looking to innovate, to forge new partnerships, and to make life easier for you, your customers, members and associates.

•  Our development team can custom-build smart, efficient API solutions to meet most every business need.

•  Our API solutions make it easy for you to seamlessly pull data from external systems and push it through to your conventional and mobile websites. That keeps your visitors where you want them: focused on you, your site, and your products and services!

Our digital marketing solutions were designed with your input, for your benefit.

•  Every LiveEdit team member believes in listening and helping businesses navigate and respond to the sweeping digital marketing changes that are occurring in the marketplace.

•  We believe that software can – and should – be powerful and easy to use.

•  We’re a team of developers, designers, problem solvers, tinkerers, and downright curious folks who believe that technology can make our lives easier.

LiveEdit Management

Eric Brown

Eric Brown first introduced a cutting-edge content management system to the website development industry in 2003 when he started Smart Site Inc. The company later changed its name to LiveEdit, provider of the LiveEdit Platform.

As Vice President, Brown leads the development of the latest LiveEdit solution, the LiveEdit Platform, a comprehensive digital marketing platform that uses cloud-based computing technology to give users anywhere, anytime access to their content. Aurora users can manage all of their digital marketing – full websites, mobile websites, blogs, email marketing solutions, an e-commerce store and catalog offering, and software-to-site custom programming – from a simple and intuitive Aurora dashboard.  

Brown's website experience began in college when he founded Ready Net Go, a website development company. Before selling Ready Net Go, Brown created high-end custom websites for national and international business clients. He also started and led Virtual Strategies, an information technology consulting company that catered to small and medium-sized businesses.

Brown has the honor and distinction of being named one of "5 under 40," an award given to young entrepreneurs. He has leadership experience in sales and marketing, general management and operations, product development, information technology and maintenance.

Jason Carlson

In addition to his oversight of the company and its strategies, Jason works on new business development initiatives. Prior to joining LiveEdit, Jason was CFO of LiveEdit and chief executive officer of, an online solution for teams, clubs, and associations to streamline the creation, procurement and display of branded materials. 

Jason’s extensive global experience includes negotiations and deal management within the software development and manufacturing industries. He has held leadership positions in manufacturing and investment banking, including a term as chief operating officer of TMX Inc., a leading custom manufacturer with a global customer base in the gaming industry. He also served as vice president and chief technology officer of American Spirit Graphics and a successful entrepreneur as well - as one of the founders of Carlson Print Group.

Early in his career, Jason was a corporate representative to the NATO Conference in Riga, Latvia, which focused on the role of private enterprise in peacekeeping and development of war-torn nations.

Jason holds a bachelor’s of arts degree from Carleton College and a master’s degree from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.